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Haunted by the ghosts of my past, I fight, I persevere and
I become a warrior, battling for the future.
I am Tifa Lockhart, martial artist, mother and hardworking barmaid. Behind my smile are silent tears, hidden from the eyes of the world. My hands are drenched with blood and guilt, but I will never give up.

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7th Heaven
Home of the sweet barmaid

You're back! ^^ I missed you! If you remember me.

// Ahh yes I am finally back! And of course I remember you! How have you been? :D

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再会 | 悠
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Another Christmas || Cloud + Tifa

Cold air tainted the now translucent glass as what remained of their small ‘family’ gathered around the television, attentively watching another Christmas movie with a title she could not recall. The lights adorning their small tree flickered in a corner, like precious stones shining on a blanket of emerald beauty. Despite the medley of laughter and joy that filled the warm, cozy atmosphere, Tifa’s attention was elsewhere, somewhere far away from their small home. Her eyes were fixed on the wooden door in the distance which she usually kept ajar in warmer weathers for a certain… someone.

Snow came after much anticipation from the youth of the city, but joy was the last thing on her mind when she saw the cold crystals. To know that someone was still out there in the harsh cold troubled her to no end. All she could think of was her longing for him to return from the lengthy delivery he had been assigned. 

Silently, she ascended the flight of stairs and peeked into his office. Slim digits searched for the light-switch as eyes were fixated on the leather chair tucked neatly behind the wooden desk, occupied by piles of organised documents. With a melancholic sigh, she approached what was known as his working space and rested her hand upon the dust-adorned chair. The overwhelming stillness was disturbed by her presence and she suddenly felt consumed by a sense of nostalgia that she could not escape. 

"He better come home soon…" With a heavy sigh, she left the room and returned to the warm space below.

"It’s bedtime!" She chimed, adorning a bright smile that appeared untainted by her melancholic feelings.

"What about Cloud?" A small voice questioned. 

"—We’ll wait for him tomorrow." 

// Alright I gotta go for the night, but if anyone wants to contact me, please visit my Attack on Titan blog for the time being!

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Glad to hear! It was a bit ironic because I was thinkin about you the other day. o3o

// Aww that’s sooo sweet! I’m glad to be back (sort of) xD



// It’s been a whiileeee~~~~~~~~


"Heh, it’s been so long."

"It has been! How are you, Aerith?"

I been pretty good actually! Got me a fresh new url and stuff! How about yourself?

// Aww that’s great! I’m fine thanks! Kinda surprised because my love for FF came back so suddenly!